Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Osney/Botley Road Area Oxford Flooding Wednesday Afternoon

Car left in the Osney Island Industrial Estate, is now full of water when I went past this afternoon.
Police drive up the Botley Road towards Oxford in a sea of water. People out everywhere looking and helping friends of neighbours. Warland Cycle shop was still trading when I took this photo.

4x4 drives past PC World and the endof Earle Street with water all around.

The Sign to Binsey, however with the Botey Road Closed no one is going that way by car.

Photo taken from Osney Bridge on the Botley Road looking onto the Island and you can see that the Thames as broken over on the path which has been sandbagged to try and stop it getting on to the Street.

The Watermans Arm's. Henry is still open and serving from the Beer Garden, South Street is totally under water at 15hrs this afternoon.

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