Monday, 23 July 2007

Mondays Photos of Flooding around Oxford

Roads around te County are underwater in a few locations, but hay if I have got a Porsche 4x4 I can go anywhere and fast at that!
The pub just over the bridge in Wallingford, not sure that if those boats are to be in that location, where is the River Bank?

West Street Osney Island

Fire crews in Ferry Hinksey Road pumping water away from the power substation.

With the Botley Road being car free, this cyclist enjoys having the road to himself, as you can see Binsey Lane is completely underwater.

More Sandbags at the front doors of Earle Street, with the water just sitting in the street.

Pumping water at the end of Earle Street Monday afternoon. Photo for Jane.

Residents of Earle Street ready for the worst, sandbags at the front of every door.

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Jane said...

Percy - you're a dude (with a camera!!).I've been keeping an eye on your blog for updates - so a million thanks. I shall buy you a pint at the Hollybush/Fishes (your pick) when we get back. Lets hope they keep pumping!!! As far as I understand it (thanks Oxford Mail online) the worst is due in the early hours, so fingers crossed for everyone. All best, Jane